Thursday, August 14, 2014

Layouts/ Social Media

A quick view of what is going to soon be everyones favorite past time.

Received a Social Media Reward from Twitter, On our Company Twitter.

Criticl posts

 Medium: Illustrator

Working on the app for Criticl. Excited all of our work is almost ready to launch.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Pre Production Mix TV: Function Demo

Medium: Photoshop, and pen

These are some images I took away from a product demo. The product was a function that would have made accessing an wide selection of media on Roku, and other platforms easier. These are some of the images me and the CEO sketched out to get ready for the pitch.

Production for Criticl

Medium: Pencil, Photoshop, and Illustrator

Simple and fun used infographics to explain how the site works.
Showing from Preproduction to Production Process

Pre Production: Batman

Medium: Photoshop, and After Effects

Used the Batman and Robin script, and used animation from the cartoon. This was project for fun mostly just to understand a script, and the continuity of the shot.

Cinematic Intro

Medium: Photoshop, Watercolor, and After Effects

Made two examples of different intros for a film, using After Effects. This was an experiment just to see how the cameras move. I am happy with the results.

Pre Production: Skate video

Medium: Photoshop, and After Effects

One of my first Pre Production pieces. It shows two guys playing chicken on skateboards, on one of San Francisco's most dangerous sets of hills. IT was really fun. I used music from one of my favorite skate videos, and spent hours sketching the city out and I hope you enjoy, I had fun making it.

Pre Production Short, for Pirate Series

Medium: Photoshop, and After effects

Was a fun project I love action, gore, and realism in films.
That inspiration helped with conveying the idea of an old pirate 
on the gallows.